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Consulting – Sales & Marketing

Sales Consulting – with over 20 years experience UP&P has developed products, created sales presentations and marketing strategies for individuals and companies throughout North America, Australia, Ireland and Asia (Singapore).

Marketing Expertise – UP&P has also successfully promoted and marketed various companies’ products to clients such as; the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canadian Banks, US Banks, KFC, MacDonald’s, Tim Horton’s, Dairy Queen, Purolator, etc.

We have acquired hands on experience in the entire design and procurement process. That is; create idea/product, patent product, coordinate manufacturing of product, develop sales and marketing strategies for new product, and finally identify and secure customers.

We have designed products which have been sold to well known entities such as, Labatt’s Brewery, Kohanee & Oland’s Brewery, PEI Liquor Corporation, Acadia University, etc.

Ask us whether we can assist you or your small company:

* Create an effective, professional sales pitch for your product or service.

* Assist your company in its marketing efforts here in North America.

* Develop and conduct sales seminars for you and your distributor(s).

* Provide sales or consulting support for your innovative product or service with associates in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore…

* Secure a suitable manufacturer for your product here in North America or overseas.

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